Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitsign?

It is an integrated services platform, which focuses on the digital and electronic signature of transactions of this nature.

Why would I need BSG?

The transactions that we do today on the Internet, are exclusively based on confidence on Merchants. The legal elements that could prove a transaction are in their hands and depends on their exclusive will fulfilling the agreed transactions.
Via Bitsign, where a third party validates the transactions and its authorship, we adequately protect the universe of consumers and users of the Web.

What is the purpose of BSG?

We want to make available to consumers and users of the web in general, the essential tool of digital signature and that electronic transactions reach safety standards such as traditional ones.

How do we do that?

We implement, efficiently and with invulnerable security methods, processes of hashing and encryption of the held transaction data, being validating them by a third party and recording them in public, although in a way such that only the grantors can access them (see registration system in BlockChain).

What technology does BSG use?

We take advantage of the advances in cryptography and integrate our mechanism of signing with blocks chain technology, achieving a robust complement that guarantees immunity in the data they access and certainty in the objectives that we propose.

In which cases is BSG useful?

BSG is useful for all types of transactions involving electronic media in the holding of contracts. Our method applies to e-commerce platforms, online stores, e-retails, etc. It also serves those peer-2-peer transactions, for example professional and client, freelancers, etc. who want to formalize their agreements in a dynamic and secure way, recording the terms and conditions of their agreements.

What are the benefits using BSG?

BSG allows to have digital documentation that contributes truthfulness with respect to the terms and conditions of the transactions that were celebrated and in case of claims or dispute, will make available to the interested party an accumulation of relevant evidence to accredit the rights in dispute.

How does BSG treat my personal data?

BSG, protect your personal data under the highest standards, according to the Personal Data Protection Act.