Bitsign Services

Signed and notarization of transactions

Our platform provides users a dashboard with a set of instruments that allow digital transactions to be held in a high legal security environment.
The digital signature identifies the parties, as well as the content of a digital transaction, the notarization of transactions implies the registration in Blockchain technology of the most relevant events involved in a transaction: From the conclusion of the same, its terms and conditions, parts, following the traceability of the supply chain to the delivery of the product to the consumer, providing documentation of full legal validity, reducing opportunism and increasing transparency.

Logistic traceability

Our methods allow the traceability of the products purchased and sold circuit. digitally capturing and documenting each change state, each transfer of the product between different agents (from vendors, to express, to carriers, post and until its delivery to the user.)

This generates transparency, auditability, and legal security throughout the process that begins with the user's digital identification and extending over all the agents involved in the ecosystem.

The tracking carried out on the supply chain is permanent and the digital information recorded is immutable.
All records have full legal validity, and are susceptible to being provided as evidentiary material in trial.

High Security International E-Commerce

Holding high-security international transactions is a primary objective of our development.

Our contribution consists in the configuration of a network of e-commerce agents (Vendors, shippers, couriers, consultants, etc.) of the international community, And to overturn their commitment to a lawful and respectful behavior of the transactions held.

This commitment is guaranteed with input from crypto assets validated by our site.
One of the core advantages will be enabled, simple and rapid channels for contact with those responsible for the sale and delivery of a product.

Arbitration and conflict resolution

One of the main shortcomings in international e-commerce is the absence of a of an organ for conflict resolution adapted to the celerity of trade and having global jurisdiction.

BSG with the integration of other platforms specialized in conflict resolution provides a service of complaints, of agile resolution, with solid evidentiary elements and with deadlines of reduced resolutions.

Compensation to those who are worthy according to arbitration awards are guaranteed by crypto assets contributed by members of the high security e-commerce circuit.

Smart Contracts

Intelligent contractual devices generate automated transaction processes, where the autonomous execution of benefits mitigates the risk of non-compliance, providing extreme security for the Contracting Party.


Is a process by which an unchanging mark is imprinted on an act or digital document that it has occurred at an exact moment in time.

This service is possible via the Blockchain developments of our platform, and it is an important benefit in sectors where the chronology of digital documentation must be accredited, essential in public organisms and large corporations.