Benefits of Bitsign


Identity validation algorithms and cryptographic processes, added with data logging on a block-chain platform, allow to follow a chain of custody of authoring and data transaction, providing indisputable evidence methods.


All notarized acts and processes in blockchain report full transparency from the moment the transactions are validated by a consensus algorithm, and free access to all users of it.


While all users of the system can display all transactions recorded in the Block chain, being the same displayed in alphanumeric sequences formats, identities or facts are not exposed.


The decentralization and distribution of the database, implies that the information is registered in all the nodes make up the network, whereupon the risks of civil attacks, are void effective against the system.


The data, records and transactions, subject to cryptographic custody processes and notarized in a block chain, are subject to traceability, monitoring, control and review by the holders and data controllers with the simultaneous benefits of their privacy with respect to third parties.